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Danvers: From 1850 to 1899 (Images of America)

Type: Paperback
In the mid-nineteenth century, the community of Danvers,Massachusetts, celebrated the 100th anniversary of itsseparation from Salem. Formerly known as Salem Village,Danvers had been the location in 1692 of an infamous witchhunt, and in the nineteenth century it still retained numeroushistorical ties to those early, traumatic times.In this marvelous new photographic history, the story ofDanvers from 1850 to 1899 unfolds before our eyes through themedium of early American photography. Readers will gaze atthe fresh, young faces of Danvers shoemakers and farmers turnedsoldiers, dressed in uniform and prepared to fight in the CivilWar. The pocket villages of Danvers are revealed and illustratedboth in images of structures forever lost and others now preservedas historic house museums. Also illustrated are many of theelegant estates occupied by such notables as poet John GreenleafWhittier and Secretary of War William C. Endicott.