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Kitchen Witchery for Everyday Magic

Type: Paperback
Bring Magic and Meaning Into Every Meal You Make

Make your kitchen the most magical room in your home with the help of the Witch of Whimsy. Her tasty recipes for everything from teas and spirits to sweet and savory meals and snacks are each accompanied by rituals that allow you to introduce more intentionality to mealtime.

Start your morning off on the right foot with coffee concoctions and daily affirmations― the combination of which will perk you up and invite a positive mindset for the day to come. Learn how to plan a delightful cottage witch’s picnic featuring delicious and heartening recipes like Wildflower Salad and Poppyseed Tea Sandwiches. Recenter yourself at the end of the day with decadent desserts, mixed drinks and oil infusions to help you prepare for a restful night.

With lyrical prose and stunning illustrations, this whimsical witch’s guide will brighten your day from your first sip of coffee to your final morsel before bed.