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Little Kids First Big Book of Baby Animals

Type: Hardcover
This may be the cutest Little Kids First Big Book ever! From panda cubs and prairie dog
pups to beluga calves and fuzzy flamingo chicks, this book is packed with fascinating information about adorable and aww-some baby animals.

Meet more than 40 animal babies from every corner of the globe, from ocean depths to
mountaintops, grassy plains to polar lands.

Features include:
  • A map that shows where these animals are found in the wild
  • Questions in each chapter that encourage interactive learning
  • Simple text for reading aloud or for beginning readers
  • Engaging photography of real animals in their habitats
  • Parent tips that extend the experience beyond the book
Find out how these wee wild ones are born, where they live, what their families are like, how they get their food, and how they learn to do things on their own―all the things that are important to young humans, too!