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Nail Style Studio

Type: Activity Box
When we first published Nail Art, painting tiny designs on your fingernails was an only-from-Klutz kind of thing and strictly for young girls (ages 6-9). So we created a book of simple, cute designs, along with peel-off polish in a palette of sweet colors. Flash forward 16 years. Fashionistas of all ages are flaunting ever more elaborate and quirky nail designs. Our original book has 2 million copies in print and is still going strong. And now Nail Art's got a stylish big sister.

Nail Style Studio is a step-by-step tool kit that lets girls ages 10 and up create 25 super-cute, slightly sophisticated, tween-approved looks: polka-dot chevrons, big-eyed owls, a tropical beach, delectable cupcakes, a city skyline, and more. Our exclusive palette of practice polish lets any girl try a design, peel it off, and try it again. When you're ready to make a look last, just do the design with your own drugstore polish in any colors you like.

Though the designs look impressively intricate, our included secret weapons make them practically foolproof: A two-sided custom dotting tool makes tiny, perfect dots, and stick-on stencils define crisp, geometric shapes. The results are stunning. Looks like we nailed it... again.