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The Devil in Silver

Type: Paperback

New Hyde Hospital's psychiatric ward has a new resident. It also has a very, very old one.


"A dizzying high-wire act."--The Washington Post
"Fantastical, hellish, and hilarious."--Los Angeles Times
"By turns horrifying, suspenseful, and comic."--The Boston Globe


ONE OF THE BEST BOOKS OF THE YEAR: The New York Times Book Review, The Washington Post, Publishers Weekly


Pepper is the surprised inmate of a mental institution in Queens, New York. In the darkness of his room, on his first night, a terrifying creature with the body of an old man and the head of a bison nearly kills him before being hustled away by the hospital staff. It's no delusion: The other patients confirm that a devil roams the hallways when the sun goes down. Pepper rallies three other inmates in a plot to kill the monster that's stalking them. But can the Devil die?


The Devil in Silver is a thrillingly suspenseful literary work about friendship, love, and the courage to slay our own demons.