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The Divine Invasion

Type: Paperback

In The Divine Invasion, the second book in Philip K. Dick's VALIS trilogy, the author continues his search for meaning, and for God. And, once again, his search takes him off of planet Earth. Indeed, Dick shows the Nietzche was wrong: God is not dead, he has merely been exiled to an extraterrestrial planet. It is on this planet that Yah--as this possible God is known--meets Herb Asher and convinces him to help Yah return to Earth, which is itself under the control of the demonic Belial.



To do this, Asher must shepherd a woman pregnant with Yah past the tight security of Earth, avoiding missiles, capture, and forced abortion along the way. Featuring virtual reality, parallel worlds, and interstellar travel, The Divine Invasion blends philosophy and adventure in a way few authors can pull off.



As with VALIS and The Transmigration of Timothy ArcherThe Divine Invasion questions just how much anyone really knows--or really can know--about the nature of reality and God. Part science fiction adventure, part religious inquiry, The Divine Invasion stands strong as the most accessible of Dick's famous trilogy.